The Cabinet of Ministers Will Create Provident Fund of 6,8 Billion UAH for Defensive Support

  • 3/17/14 12:48 PM

The Cabinet of Ministers intends to create the provident fund in the amount of 6,8 billion UAH for the defensive support of the country. The Prime-Minister of Ukraine has informed that today during the Government meeting.
“Today we need to come to the decision concerning the urgent creation of the provident fund and direct its funds onto mobilization, modernization and increase alert of internal-security troops, the Ministry of Defense and State Border Guard Service. The first budget request designed for 3 months and forms in general 6,8 billion UAH”, he said.
4,5 billion UAH will be appropriated for the Ministry of Defense.
The provident fund will be created by means of closure of the state programmes in other spheres.

Source: RBK-Ukraine

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