Free Market Road Show 2014 in KYIV

  • 4/30/14 6:10 PM

It is for the third time, that the Taxpayers Association of Ukraine (TAU) became a local partner of the Free Market Road Show Tour in Kyiv, together with the founder of debates the Austrian Economics Center and The Hayek Institute.

The event has traditionally united leading international and Ukrainian experts in economics, law and finance, business and civil society, academics and journalists. Among the participants also were experts from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine, State Migration Service of Ukraine and others.

International Conference «Free Market Road Show 2014" had two panels , within the frames of which there were discussions on topical issues of the further development of Ukraine in terms of European integration .

Conference was opened by the First Vice -President of TAU Vasyl Matiychyk and Executive Director of  the Free Market Road Show Tour , Director of the Austrian Economic Center  Dr. Barbara Kolm . Two panels were moderated by Senior Fellow of the Austrian Economic Center Federico Fernandez and Scientific Director of the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation Oleksandr Sushko.

Vasyl Matiychyk said that have chosen the European vector of development, Ukraine should bring into line with EU standards not only all aspects of its political life, but also, and above all, the economic bloc. This will impact significantly on the Ukrainian business, the creation of appropriate conditions for the development of which is one of the priority tasks for our NGO. Therefore, the themes of this year's FMRS are important and necessary for their discussion. Of all importance for us is to explore the available international experience.

The experts, in particular , tried to answer the question: what role will Ukraine get in Europe and what economic benefits will receive EU with accession of Ukraine ? They also focused on discussion and specific reforms that can lead Ukraine out of the economic crisis, and analyzed readiness of Ukraine to the formation of a free economy.

The discussion also touched the issue of EU visa policy towards Ukraine. In particular, the participants talked about what may retain talented Ukrainian of mass emigration in the case of simplification of visa barriers and how to help young people to develop in their own country ?

Executive Director of FMRS, Director of the Austrian Economic Center Barbara Kolm said that the signing of association with the EU will bring many benefits to Ukraine. "Talking about the economy, Ukraine has clearly great potential. This enables you to update your independence. At the same time Ukraine should join the European democracy, not bureaucracy. EU is ready to fight for Ukraine , but do not expect that Brussels will conduct the necessary reforms for you. After adaptation to European standards, the EU will have no alternative but to accept you into their family"

Columnist  of The Wall Street Journal , John Fund emphasized that: "Despite  of the difficult times for Ukraine , it is the high time to muster the courage and make decisions. It is good that a course of European integration was chosen. However, you should learn from the experience that was tested by the time and demonstrated the best results. Ukraine in terms of its development very soon may be on the same level with Poland and Lithuania. But this requires effective reforms and every effort. "

Discussing about the EU visa policy, the Austrian expert - Deputy Head of the Office of Industrial Property Severin Master emphasized: "Smart people - are the same valuable resource of the country like gas or oil. And this resource should be developed. The softer the visa regime is, the more migrants will return home. When Spain joined the EU, they had fears of massive emigration. However, contrary to predictions, the Spanish people after the abolition of visas returned home. I am sure that with Ukraine will be the same. "

An interesting view has the Chief Economist «Black Summit Financial Group Inc» John Charalambakis.  He said that in the future Ukraine can become the center of world trade and logistics. To do this, Ukraine needs to find its competitive advantages, to awaken its "sleeping capital" and the entrepreneurial spirit. According to him, the correct monetary policy could do this, because monetary stability - is the foundation of wealth. Development of well-being - is the main task of the nation.

Meanwhile, Director of the Institute of Demography and Social Studies  Ella Libanova noted that more than three million of Ukrainians are looking for a better life in other countries. She mentioned that, contrary to domestic fears, people who migrate abroad mostly have general education, not higher. However, directly in Europe migrate highly qualified professionals. “These people move abroad who can not realize themselves in their own country and hope that it will be easier for them abroad ," - says Ella Libanova. She summed up : " To refuse migration people need economic growth. It is necessary that conditions of their living, work, wages were not much behind from the countries they are going to go to. " 

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