The Cabinet named 8 taxes which will be left after the reform
The Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine is finally eliminated
The Parliament has introduced a tax on interest on deposits
The amount of VAT refunds in June fell by half

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


It is my pleasure to welcome you at the official web page of the Taxpayers Association of Ukraine.

Our organization was founded on November 27th, 1998. At present it is one of the largest and most influential all-Ukrainian NGOs in the field of state finance and taxation. The headquarters is located in Kyiv while 25 branches cover the rest of the country. Our professional stuff of about 100 employees do their best to address the needs of citizence and business.  On top of that our organization is represented in 134 local centers benefitting from the active engagement of volunteers. As for the end of 2016 there were about 7000 members of the Association.

We aim to protect freedoms, rights and legal interests of the Association’s members, to develop strong connections and partnership between the government and entrepreneurs, to raise public awareness on relevant issues, and, thus, to improve the business climate in the country.

We fight for transparency of Ukrainian tax legislation. Our experts take active part in amending existing regulations and assessing the new ones. The on-going reform should create a healthy system of taxation, and our Association has an outstanding role in this process.

Now that the European integration of Ukraine is on the front burner, the Taxpayers Association of Ukraine welcomes all kind of cooperation with likeminded organizations and professionals from all over the world. Our NGO is open for exchange of experience and information, and we would be happy to start fruitful partnership with the international colleagues.


Best regards,


President of the Taxpayers Association of Ukraine

Grigol Katamadze

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