Services for taxpayers


Main tasks of the statutory activity

Services provided


To promote the defense of legal rights and interests of the taxpayers, to increase the level of their tax policy knowledge, aiming at voluntary and punctual tax payment, increasing the social prestige of a Ukrainian taxpayer

·      holding the evens, which popularize TAU members – conscientious taxpayers as honest partners;

·      preparation and mailing out tax legislation monitoring;

·      preparation of mass-media publication digests concerning tax policy of the state, relations between state authorities and taxpayers;

·      publication of analytical materials from experts and analysts of the TAU;

·      distribution of information about the TAU members among potential partners, investors, customers;

·      services of an arbitration court of the TAU;

·      organization of business lunches and meetings with representatives of business circles and state authorities for coordination of viewpoints, finding ways of problems solution in the sphere of taxation.


To promote creation of necessary legal and social conditions for involving individuals into entrepreneurial activity and creation of new working places

·      settling documents on preparation and  implementation of entrepreneurship, working out business-plans;

·      preparation for exams in getting professional accountant certificates

·      assistance in finding specialist in finance for the TAU members.


To cooperate with international public organizations for experience exchange as well as defense of the legal taxpayers rights

·      participation in international conferences and meetings held by World Taxpayers Associations and the Taxpayers Association of Europe;

·      experience exchange with foreign specialists;

·      providing recommendations for TAU-members  when making contacts with foreign partners and organizations


To represent interests of the taxpayers in state governmental institutions when realizing state taxation and economic policy

·      initiating and taking part in public discussions of bills and programs of social-economic development, carrying out of its independent public examination, making up the conclusions;

·      development of program projects and enactments to introduce them in relevant state agencies;

·      organization of meetings with the representatives of state and local authorities

·       providing recommendations for TAU-members  when making contacts with enterprises, regulatory agencies and local government.


To hold public awareness and consultative campaign, explaining tax legislation issues, increasing social status of a taxpayer

·      organization and holding of conferences, symposiums, seminars;

·      consultative assistance on issues of different kinds, but within the frames of TAU statutory activity;

·      informing  TAU members about educative and other events on tax and finance topics (other than these held by the TAU)

·      organization of complex professional development programs.


To represent and defend legal interests of the taxpayers – TAU members in courts, state tax bodies other state agencies and local governmental bodies

·      professional support in administrative and court appeal of decisions made by regulatory bodies;

·      tax legal services, including making out court claims, petitions, requests, applications;

·      defense of the taxpayer’s interests in tax disputes at all agencies, including courts, preparation of  acts of difference on the basis of the results of tax inspection (agreement with a tax law of Ukraine)

·      informing about positive experience of solving disputable matters with regulatory bodies.


To support and assist TAU members and other public organizations ideologically, materially when organizing and holding common actions

·      organization of special meetings between TAU members to inform each other about their activities;

·      multilevel discount program, which gives mutually beneficial discounts for TAU members;

·      distributing information about services and goods provided by TAU members among TAU members (e-mail business catalogue)


To offer proposals to subjects with the right of legislative initiative, state executive power agencies concerning improvement of the current tax law of Ukraine

·      studying of the public opinion about tax legislation of Ukraine and accounting;

·      assistance in drafting the bills on taxation issues and lobbying adoption of these bills.


To establish mass media and distribute information for advocacy of the TAU aims and tasks

·      representation on exhibitions and forums mounts;

·      information layouts about companies – TAU members on the TAU web-page;

·      information layouts about companies – TAU members in the TAU printed materials;

·      displaying of logos of TAU corporate members on advertising materials;

·      custom-built PR-services (press-releases mailouts using TAU mass-media database, organization of press conferences, etc.);

·      news mailouts about TAU members using TAU mass-media database.

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