Public debates

The Taxpayers Association of Ukraine in order to organize the constructive dialogue between business, community and government, in 2011 started a new initiative – the all-Ukrainian public discussion.

The first discussion took place in October-November 2011 and its topic was “Methods of public influence on the government in order to protect the interests of taxpayers”.

The main idea of the discussion was finding possible ways of public influence on the government, in particular, in order to protect legal rights and interests of taxpayers.

The public discussion was held on two milestones: regional and all-Ukrainian levels. In the frames of regional discussion, the Territorial Branches of the Association organized round tables. Totally, in the public discussion “Methods of public influence on the government in order to protect the interests of taxpayers” took part more than 1000 participants from all the regions of Ukraine.

The Final milestone of the public discussion became the all-Ukrainian conference, that was held on November 24th, 2011 in Kyiv. The representatives of business and NGOs, executive authorities, people’s deputies of Ukraine, representatives of international institutions participated in the event.

In the frames of this conference was evaluated on the importance of the conducting of the balanced taxation policy in Ukraine. Some important measures can facilitate this. In particular:

- introduction of transparent and systematic expertise of the regulatory and legal acts by the civic representatives;

- increasing of the responsibility of government officials for absolute current law enforcement;

- improvement of state regulatory policy in the sphere of business activity, that provides for exclusion of unsuitable, inefficient regulatory acts;

- conducting of regulatory policy was opened with absolute consideration of initiatives, comments and offers of physical and juridical persons etc. 

In 2012 public discussions were held in the frames of the topic «The application of the tax law: practice and problems”.

The international conference, that was held on November 15th, 2012 in Kyiv became the result of the discussion. The discussion became a basis for the competent dialogue of its participants in order to analyze the main problems in the sphere of taxation, that most of all troubles the representatives of business and community, and to find ways of their solution.

The event gathered together the representatives of business, NGOs, executive authorities, members of parliament, competent international and Ukrainian experts for discussing important problems of the taxpayers.

The All-Ukrainian discussion helped to hear different points of view in the issues of tax system development. Moreover, the generalized views and thoughts by the TAU experts and proposals of the participants were presented on the international conference.

Thus, during the 2-year-period, the powerful basis for discussions on the urgent problems of businesspersons was created, and that gave the opportunity to find ways out and worked out the proposals of future improvement of taxation legislation.

In 2013, the key topic of the discussions was determined to be “Public Control over the Budget Funds Expenditures”. In order to raise the legal consciousness of citizens, their direct involvement to the process of control over the budgetary money usage, the Association passed the above-mentioned topic for the all-Ukrainian discussion. The Association calls people for public activity and participation in the process of budget formation and control over budgetary money expenditures, promoting transparency and accountability of the government. 

Public discussions took place on two levels – regional and all-Ukrainian. Representatives of large and small-sized businesses, analysts and leading experts, representatives of NGOs, scientists, mass media and government authorities participated in the events.

The discussions gave the opportunity to create a kind of a “mechanism” of prevention of non-targeted and ineffective budgetary money usage; to set up effective process of monitoring of usage of  budgetary funds of different levels as well as introduce efficient civil society control over the expenses planning process.

All the results, conclusive and analytical materials of public discussions will be presented on the international conference that will take place in Kyiv next year.

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