Free Market Road Show. The Taxpayers Association of Ukraine as a partner of the conference

It is already the third year running as the association is a partner of holdingof the Free Market Road Show. The Association together with the Austrian Economics Center and The Hayek Institute joins to the preparation and holding of the conference in Kyiv.

The discussion in 2012 was presented by three panels, in the frames of which the experts discussed peculiarities of current European taxation and monetary policies, conditions of successful reforming of taxation legislation of Ukraine in the context of its strong aspiration for the European integration. The participants of the discussion also considered effectiveness and expediency of traditional methods of solving problems and crisis processes by strengthening of government interference and increase of budgetary expenses.

Free Market Road Show 2013 in Kyiv, having united together leading business representatives, scientists, political and economic experts, public figures and other interesting people from all over Europe, decided how to change current European crisis into the opportunity and what lesson could learn Ukraine?

So, in 2012-2014 the organization successfully held international discussions and in 2014 will continue this tradition.

In 2014  7th Annual Free Market Road Show, toured from March 26th to May 12th through 30 capitals in Europe and Caucasus – from Scandinavia to Turkey, from Spain to Ukraine. Panel discussions at each conference stop considered the current Euro-zone crisis, explore what kind of Europe people want, examine the ‘conundrum’ in which the European Union finds itself in and discuss ways to turn the current crisis into an opportunity.


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