November 27, 1998 at the Founding congress in Kyiv Taxpayers Association of Ukraine was officially established.

It incorporates citizens of Ukraine, citizens of other countries, persons without citizenship and entrepreneurs. The Association has been established on the ground of unity of interest for the purpose of its rights and freedoms common implementation.


February 22, 1999 the all - Ukrainian public organization - Taxpayers Association of Ukraine was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

June 1999 in Kyiv the Defense - taxpayers ' support center, which started operating in the majority of the regions of Ukraine was registered.


December 9, 2000 a second congress of Taxpayers Association of Ukraine was held, which showed that the organization is in demand with the community. The congress stated the objective of establishing its branches in each region of Ukraine, spreading the practice of protecting taxpayers from unlawful actions by inspective authorities representatives, constructive cooperation with the State Tax Administration of Ukraine, state entrepreneurship of Ukraine as well as Ukrainian and international public organizations.


June 14, 2001 at The International Taxpayers' Conference in Saint Lois (Missouri, the USA) Taxpayers Association of Ukraine became a member of The World Taxpayers Associations. December 11, 2001 at The International Taxpayers Conference of the Taxpayers of Europe in Brussels (Belgium) Taxpayers Association of Ukraine became a member of The Taxpayers Association of Europe


February 8, 2002 Taxpayers Association of Ukraine together with Björn Tarrass - Wahlberg, President of the World Taxpayer Associations arranged an international conference of the Central and Eastern European as well as Central Asia taxpayers' public organizations. Also, an International committee headed by Stephan Gavrysh, President of Taxpayers Association of Ukraine was formed.


Activities expansion in the field of tax legislation, budget assets expenditure public surveillance as well as improving the tax culture of the population through involvement of a large quantity of taxpayers into the organization's activities.


April 2005 the Ministry of Justice registered the Arbitration Court of Taxpayers Association of Ukraine.


Taxpayers Association of Ukraine becomes a co-organizer of all-Ukrainian contest of childhood creativity "Taxes through the Eyes of Children"


October 25, 2007 the Sixth congress of Taxpayers Association of Ukraine during which the current management representatives were elected was held in the premises of Ukraine - the National Palace of Arts of Ukraine. Mykola Onischuk was elected President of the Association.


February 5, 2008 the Memorandum on Cooperation, "CHARTER OF TAX RELATIONS", and the Common Action Plan were signed between Taxpayers Association of Ukraine and the State Tax Administration of Ukraine. The parties have agreed to conduct public-awareness work among taxpayers, to hold workshops, round-table meetings and other events. The Regulations of the Memorandum set out actions, which are to contribute to legal arrangement of conflict situations between taxpayers and state tax administration, improving of the ways of solution to such kind of situations. The drafts concerning taxation will be worked out and studied collaboratively.


December 10, at the Seventh congress of the Taxpayers Association of Ukraine the President of the Association became Valentyna Arbuzova. The current man agement representatives were elected.


February 17, the Memorandum of tax relations was signed between Taxpayers Association of Ukraine and the State Taxation Service of Ukraine. Besides numerous items about cooperation in the sphere of information exchange, development of regulatory enactment bills, educative activity, the Memorandum specified establishing a Commission of Approval which is to deal with controversial issues arising between taxpayers and taxation bodies.

An annual Ukrainian contest rating "Conscientious Taxpayers Awards" is established.


On the 19th of February The Taxpayers Association of Ukraine and the State Tax service of Ukraine signed the Tax Relations Memorandum and 2012 Common Actions Plan.

On the 8th of December 2012 the VIII Taxpayers Association of Ukraine Congress was held, during which the elections of the executive board and Checkup Committee of the Taxpayers association of Ukraine happened. The President of the TAU unanimously was elected Valentyna Arbuzova. The English version of the association name was changed into the Taxpayers Association of Ukraine (abbreviated "TAU").


In February, the Partnership and Cooperation Memorandum was signed between the TAU and the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine.

The winners of the Ukrainian National Contest-Rating “The Best Taxpayers Awards” were honoured for the third time.

The TAU for the second time held the international conference “Free Market Road Show”.

In July, the Taxpayers Association of Ukraine and Accounting Chamber of Ukraine signed the Agreement on the Cooperation Order.

In September, the Expertise Centre of the Taxpayers Association of Ukraine was opened.

 The TAU and the Ministry of Revenue and Duties of Ukraine signed a Cooperation Agreement.

On November 22nd, 2013 the TAU celebrated its 15th Anniversary.


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